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ATC New Technologies

High Voltage Battery Life Cycle Management

ATC New Technologies (ATC NT) focuses on the life cycle management of high voltage battery packs once they leave the factory or showroom. The company focuses on supporting OEMs and consumers with warranty and aftermarket issues of advantaged battery packs. This includes Lithium Ion and NiMh packs for pure electric vehicles and (plug-in) hybrid vehicles.

ATC New Technologies offers the following services:

The company is developing a market for batteries, which reached the end of the vehicle life, but have not reached the end of their useful life. ATC NT has developed a state of the art battery lab equipped with the latest equipment. The Lab is set up with the philosophy that it should be able to function as an extension of the OEM. Customers can monitor both the facilities and equipment remotely.

ATC NT developed in-house advanced technologies, which allow us to grade cells and modules. For lithium ion chemistries ATC also offers cell balancing and storage.

One key service of the company is the offering of a complete turn-key logistics and repurposing program for nickel metal hydride batteries. With well over a million of these vehicles on US roads end of life logistics will become increasingly important.


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